Calendar Sunday, November 29, 2015
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How this works

What you see is the first group of barbecue blog web sites for you to choose from.  You are strongly encouraged to click on the links of each blog and take a look at them.   Then make you selection of the three blogs that you think are the best and then click on the vote button.

After enough votes have been collected on this group of blogs the votes will be tabulated and an new group of blogs will appear.  We will do this until we have covered the field and given you a chance to view almost all the BBQ Blogs.

Then we will assemble the blogs that you have voted as the best and have a final voting and by doing this we will establish the top barbecue blogs for 2009.

To encourage voting we will make available to all the blogs a link that they can place on their websites so people can click on the links and then come here and vote for their favorite barbeque blogs.

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