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            1.毛遂自荐:I’m Li Jin , a student of Chenguang Middle School.

            2.写信布景:I learnt that the school would hold a lecture about English study.

            3.写信意图:Now, I’m here to share something about my study of English.

            4.自己的英语学习习气:例如:Keeping listening and reading English every morning. Reciting English word all the time. 等等。


            To begin with, ...


            What's more,...


            First and foremost,...


            Last but not least,...


            Secondly, ...




            Hopefully my experience and suggestions will be useful to your English study. If you seek to know more about English study or to communicate with me, you can drop me a line or send me an email.



            1.occur 替换 think原创2019年天津市河西二模书面表达浅析 of

            Suddenly橘 I had an idea that someone had broken into my house. →

            An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house.

            It occurred to me that someone had broken into my house.


            He spend原创2019年天津市河西二模书面表达浅析s all his spare time in reading. →

            He devotes all his spare time to reading.

            3.seek替换want / look for

            They sought ( wanted ) to hide themselves behind the trees.

            4.average 替换ordinary

            I’m an average ( ordinary ) student.


            The film we saw last night was very interesting. →

            The film we saw last night was nothing but interesting.

            The film we saw last night was anything but boring.

            6.seat 替换sit

            On his way to school, he found an old lady seated (sitting) by the road, looking worried.

            7.suppose 替换should

            He is supposed to ( should ) have driven more slowly.

            8.appreciate 替换thank

            Thank you very much for you help. →

            We appreciate your help very much. / Your help is much appreciated.

            9.the case替换 true

            I don’t think it is the case ( true ).

            10.on替换as soon as

            As soon as he arrived, he began his research. →

            On his arrival, he began his research..

            11.due to替换because of

            He arrived late due to ( because of ) the storm.


            After covering (walking) 10 miles, we all felt tired.

            13.contribute to替换 be helpful/useful

            Plenty of memory work is undoubtedly helpful to English study. →

            Plenty of memory work will undoubtedly contribute to English study.

            14.round the corner 替换 coming soon/ nearby

            ① The summer vacation is round the corner ( coming). Do you have any plans?

            ② Li Ming studies in a school round the corner (nearby).

            15.come to light替换discover

            The family were so pleased when they discovered the lost jewels. →

            The family were so pleased when the lost jewels came to light.

            16.have a ball替换have a good time/ enjoy oneself

            After visiting the workshop, we went back to school. Every one of us had a ball ( had a good time ).

            17.come up with替换think of

            Jack is very clever. He often comes up with ( thinks of ) new ideas.

            18.set aside替换save

            Some students think that they should set aside some of their pocket m原创2019年天津市河西二模书面表达浅析oney for books.

            19.be of + n. 替换adj.

            The products are of high quality (very good ) and are sold everywhere in China.

            20.refer to 替换talk about/of, mention

            The professor you referred to (talked about ) is very famous.

            21.can not but / can not help but替换have to do

            I could not but (had to) go home.

            22.more often than not替换usually

            More often than not (Usually), the meaning of many words can be easily guessed.

            23.lest替换so that /in order that

            I wrote down his telephone number so that I would not forget it. →

            I wrote down his telephone number lest I (should) forget it.

            24.be long for sth. / be long to do sth. 替换want to do sth./wish for

            I want to see you very much. →

            I am long to see you.

            25.be caught up in/be crazy about/be absorbed in/be addicted to替换be interested in

            He is caught up in ( very interested in ) collecting stamps.

            26.more than替换very

            ① I’m very glad to learn that you are coming in September. →

            I’m more than glad to learn that you are coming in September.

            ② If there is anything I can do for you, I would be more than glad to help.

            27.perfect (ly) 替换good/ very well

            He speaks perfect ( good ) English./ He speaks English perfectly ( very well ).

            28.do sb a/the favor 替换help

            Would you please do me the favor ( help me ) to turn down the radio?

            29.the other day替换a few days ago

            The other day my brother and I went to the cinema by bicycle.

            30.in the course of替换during

            In the course of (During) the mountain-climbing, please help each other and pay special attention to your safety.



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